Full-Spectrum Training

Camber develops precise training solutions addressing a wide range of conventional and special operations concerns. Integratoio of subject matter and technical expertise delivers compelling training and education materials.
Our training analysis links the user’s end-state objectives with the right mix of instructional content and delivery media.


Some of our products include:

  • Radar Toolkit - Software Radar Simulation

  • 9100-10 - Apache VUIT-II Interface Panel (VIP) Interface Board

  • 8510 PCI - Programmable Video Board C-130

  • 3D Cockpit and TEDAC Models - Custom 3D Model with animated buttons / switches

  • 3D Real-time Models - Multi-Level of detailed models built using Creator to be part of RACRS and other Camber simulators

  • 3D Vis-Sim Terrain Database - Multi-level of detailed terrain databases built using TerraVista to include BattleVision, HunterIR, and other Camber simulators

  • BattleVision - Situational Awareness, Mission Planning Tool